CYTO Asia Conference
Grand Ballroom, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
25-27 October 2017

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Day 0: 24 Oct 2017 (Tuesday)

Time Programme Venue
1800 – 2000 Welcome Reception
Light refreshments are served.
Riverside Gazebo

Day 1: 25 Oct 2017 (Wednesday)

Time Programme Venue
0800 Registration Grand Ballroom Foyer
0845 Opening Speech and Announcements
Chair: Vuong Nguyen, Paul Hutchinson, Paul Wallace
Grand Ballroom 2
0900 Frontier Common 1
Alberto Orfao
Next generation flow MRD detection in leukemia and myeloma
Grand Ballroom 2
0945 Frontier Common 2
Anis Larbi
Flow Cytometry and the Immunobiology of T cells
Grand Ballroom 2
1030 Gold Sponsor Presentation – BD
Robert Balderas
Designing a structured, data driven high complexity human multi-color flow cytometric panel
Grand Ballroom 2
1100 Morning Tea
Exhibition Room
1130 Parallel Sessions
Research Immunology 1 – Grand Ballroom 2
Chair: Andrea Cossarizza 

  • Kah Teong Soh: A Correlated Elucidation of the mRNA and Protein Expression Patterns of T-bet in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells using RNA Flow Cytometry
  • Weili Xu: Vδ2+ T cells: The Outlaws of T cells’ Immunosenescence in Human Aging as revealed by multi-parametric FLOW-Analysis
  • Michael Stadnisky: Deep Single Cell RNA-Sequencing of Human Innate Lymphoid Cells Reveals Functional Plasticity

Clinical 1 – Canary Room
Chair: John Connolly

  • John Zaunders: Knockdown of CCR5 expression in antigen-specific cytotoxic CD4 T cells
  • Varsha Prabhu: CD206 Expression And Implications For Immune Activation And Viremia In HIV Infected Long Term Non-progressors
  • Sukeshani Salwe: Immune signatures for HIV-1 and HIV-2 induced CD4+T cell dysregulation in an Indian cohort.

SRL – Kingfisher Room
Chair: Felix Marsh-Wakefield

  • Caryn van Vreden: Making mass cytometry accessible for the masses
  • John Wotherspoon: Establishing instrument Performance Capability in High Dimensional Flow Cytometry – Benefits of a system such as the FACSymphony A5
  • Gil Reinin: Enhancement of Multicolor Assay Performance Using High Sensitivity Full Spectrum Cytometry

Developments in Data Analysis – Oriole Room
Chair: Qianjun Zhang

  • Paula Niewold: Computational analysis of high-dimensional flow and mass cytometry data reveals a novel role for natural killer cells in viral encephalitis
  • Charles-Antoine Dutertre: Combining dimensionality reduction algorithms to unravel mononuclear phagocytes’ heterogeneity and in health and disease
  • Andreas Panopoulos: Palindromics: Identifying genes from cells or cells from genes in a single cell workflow
 Various Rooms
1230 Lunch
Grand Ballroom Foyer
Exhibition Room
1330 Parallel Breakout Tutorials
Research Tutorial – Grand Ballroom 2
Chair: Kylie Price

  • Bill Telford and Tom Ashhurst: New technology for flow cytometry:  Novel lasers and detectors

Clinical Tutorial – Canary Room
Chair: Vuong Nguyen

  • Alberto Orfao: Myelodysplastic syndromes: Normal vs Dysplastic Myeloid Maturation
  • Brent Wood: Exploring T-ALL diagnosis through case studies
 Various Rooms
1500 Afternoon Tea
Exhibition Room
1530 Gold Sponsor Presentation – Biorad
Chair: Paul Hutchinson
John Connolly
Title To be Updated
Grand Ballroom 2
1600 Plenary
Xunbin Wei
Monitoring Circulating Tumor Cells by In Vivo Flow Cytometry
Grand Ballroom 2
1635 Keynote Speaker
Irene Oi-Lin Ng
Genetics and cell signalling in liver cancer and liver cancer stem cells and their translational implications
Grand Ballroom 2
1735 – 1835 Clinical Case Studies – Grand Ballroom 2
Chair: Paresh Jain
FCS files of various submitted cases along with the morphology images and a brief clinical history have been placed on PCs in the Clinical Discussion Cases Area of the Exhibition Room. Delegates are encouraged to have a go at making their own diagnosis ahead of the session.
Drinks/Hor d’oeuvres – Grand Ballroom Foyer
Light refreshments are served.
Poster Session
Various Rooms
1900 End of Day 1

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Day 2: 26 Oct 2017 (Thursday)

Time Programme Venue
0745 Registration Grand Ballroom Foyer
0745 Morning Seminars
Beckman Coulter – Kingfisher Room
Dr Michael Kapinsky, Senior Global Marketing Manager
Dr Laura Pajak, Senior Global Marketing Manager
Maria Gentile, Marketing Manager
Know No Boundaries

Cytek Biosciences – Canary Room
Dr. Ming Yan
A New Standard for High Sensitivity Full Spectrum Cytometry
Various Rooms
0845 Frontier Common 3
Chair: Vuong Nguyen
David Hedley
Application of imaging mass cytometry to biological complexity in solid tumours
Grand Ballroom 2
0930 Frontier Common 4
Brent Wood
More than Minimal: Assessing Therapeutic Response in Acute Leukemia
Grand Ballroom 2
1015 Gold Sponsor Presentation – Beckman Coulter
Maria Gentile, Marketing Manager, Research Flow Cytometry, Beckman Coulter
To UV or to NUV? That is the Question.
Grand Ballroom 2
1045 Morning Tea
Exhibition Room
1115 Parallel Sessions
Research Immunology – Grand Ballroom 2
Chair: Anis Larbi 

  • Makoto Ishihara: Spectral unmixing based on tissue-specific autofluorescence panel improves flow cytometry (FCM) quantitativity targeted on tissue-infiltrating immune cells
  • Haley Pugsley: Illuminating T cell – APC interactions using multispectral imaging flow cytometry
  • Lisa Sedger: A FRET-based Cytometry assay for Tumour Necrosis Factor Receptors Dynamics: A sensor assay for TNFR-associated Periodic Syndrome (TRAPS) mutations and viral immune evasion

Clinical – Canary Room
Chair: Elaine Coustan-Smith

  • Henry Hui: “Immuno-flow-FISH”: Imaging flow cytometry for the assessment of chromosomal abnormalities in phenotyped chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells in suspension
  • Paul Wallace: Quantifying CMV Antigen-Specific T Cells in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) Patients
  • Praveen Sharma: Flow cytometric residual disease monitoring in Multiple Myeloma – An Indian perspective

SRL – Kingfisher Room
Chair: Kylie Price

  • Joanne Lannigan: Implementing Best Practices in a Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Laboratory
  • Amanda Stanley: Comparison of Instrument Validation and Optimisation for Polychromatic Flow Cytometry on Multiple Flow Cytometry Analysers and Sorters

Mass Cytometry – Oriole Room
Chair: Barbara Fazekas de St Groth

  • Hassen Kared: Symphony & CytoF: Friend or Foe?
  • Diana Shinko: Investigation of immune complexity in cancer patients using mass cytometry
  • Felix Marsh-Wakefield: Identifying human regulatory B cells activated by IL-4-treated mast cells or their microvesicles by mass cytometry
 Various Rooms
1215 Lunch
Grand Ballroom Foyer
Exhibition Room
1300 Plenary
Research – Grand Ballroom 2
Chair: Thomas Ashhurst

  • Elizabeth Forbes-Blom: Examining the role of the gut microbiota in immune defence against respiratory tract infection – A flow cytometric approach
  • Keisuke Goda: Extreme imaging for high-throughput single-cell analysis

Clinical – Canary Room
Chair: Neil McNamara

  • Andrea Cossarizza: Cytomics in the era of HIV epidemics
  • Sindhu Cherian: The impact of therapy on flow cytometric studies

Data Analysis – Kingfisher Room
Chair: Bill Telford

  • Chen Jinmiao: Data Analysis
  • Attila Tarnok: Writing, Publishing & Reviewing: Cytometry A
 Various Rooms
1430 Afternoon Tea
Exhibition Room
1500 Plenary
Chair: Matt Linden
Salvatore Albani
A translational Immunomics platform for the identification of clinical and mechanistic relevant signatures in human diseases
Grand Ballroom 2
1530 Gold Sponsor Presentation – Miltenyi Biotec
Anis Larbi
REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies: one step further towards standardization of flow cytometry
Grand Ballroom 2
1600 Plenary
Narinder Mehra
Clinical and immunological relevance of antibodies in solid organ transplantation
Grand Ballroom 2
1630 Parallel Sessions
Research – Grand Ballroom 2
Chair: Paul Robinson

  • Xiaomei Yan: Development of High Sensitivity Flow Cytometry for Multiparameter Analysis of Single Exosomes, Viruses, and Nanomedicine
  • Andreas Moritz: Discovery and validation of highly specific TCRs directed against XPRESIDENT-guided cancer targets
  • Cheng Lei: Label-free sensing of cellular drug responses by machine learning

Clinical – Canary Room
Chair: Paul Hutchinson

  • Paul Hutchinson: Mycobacterium Tuberculosis-specific CD4 T-cell Markers in Tuberculosis-Associated Uveitis
  • Varun Dhir: Change in CD8 subsets on treatment with methotrexate in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Yanli Liu: Dried Control Cells for Flow Cytometry and Beyond

Imaging Cytometry – Kingfisher Room
Chair: Zosia Maciorowski

  • Nao Nitta: Label-free detection of platelet aggregates by high-throughput imaging flow cytometry
  • Qing Chang: High-content analysis of cells, frozen and FFPE tissue sections using imaging mass cytometry
  • Sherree Friend: Using Image Flow Cytometry to Monitor the Function of Proteins Genetically Modified with ZFN Technology

Advances in Cytometry Technology  – Oriole Room
Chair: Geoff Osborne

  • Jingjing Zhao: Techniques for Microfluidic Flow Cytometers
  • Masanobu Yamamoto: Up-conversion nanocrystal fluorescence life time analysis by single photon pulse train
  • Ming Li: Sheathless, Passive, and High-throughput Focusing and Sorting of Ellipsoid-shaped Microalga Euglena gracilis using Inertial Microfluidics


Various Rooms
1730 – 1830 Poster Session – Grand Ballroom Foyer
ACS AGM – Grand Ballroom 2
Chair: Sandy Smith
Various Rooms
1900 Gala Dinner
Depart from Grand Copthorne from 1830 onwards.
Red Dot Brewhouse @ Boat Quay
2100 End of Day 2

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Day 3: 27 Oct 2017 (Friday)

Time Programme Venue
0800 Morning Seminars
Fluidigm – Oriole Room
Evan W. Newell
High-dimensional cellular immune profiling in health and disease
ThermoFisher – Canary Room
J. Paul Robinson
What are the current advances in Flow Cytometry?
Various Rooms
0830 Registration Grand Ballroom Foyer
0900 State of the Art
Research – Grand Ballroom 2
Chair: Anis Larbi

  • Evan Newell: Identifying and profiling tumor specific T cells using mass cytometry and highly multiplexed peptide-MHC tetramer staining
  • Tom Ashhurst
    High-dimensional cytometry for interrogating immunity and disease

Clinical – Canary Room
Chair: Sandy Smith

  • Sindhu Cherian: Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) detection in B lymphoblastic leukemia in the setting of anti-CD19 targeted therapy.
  • Elaine Coustan-Smith: New approaches to the detection of minimal residual disease in acute myeloid leukaemia
Various Rooms
1030 Morning Tea
Exhibition Room
1100 ESCCA Plenary
Chair: Paul Wallace
Susanna Mandruzzato
Characterization of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in cancer patients
 Grand Ballroom 2
1130 Jordi Petriz
Cancer stem cells and mechanisms of multidrug resistance by flow cytometry
 Grand Ballroom 2
1200 Gold Sponsor Presentation – Sony Biotechnology
Makoto Ishihara, Ph.D.
Explore Your Science with “Easy to Use” Sony FCM
Grand Ballroom 2
1230 Gold Sponsor Presentation – FlowJo
Michael D. Stadnisky
The Single Cell Future is Now
Grand Ballroom 2
1300 Lunch
Grand Ballroom Foyer
Exhibition Room
1350 Breakout Tutorials
Imaging Flow Cytometry – Grand Ballroom 2
Chair: Kevin Tan
Discussion: Creating validated standardized protocols for clinical applications and collaboration with imaging flow cytometry

  • Kevin Tan: Drug screening for parasitology and standardization using imaging flow cytometry
  • Paul Wallace: Standardizing diagnostic AML imaging cytometry across multiple instruments
  • Kathy Fuller: Standardization in diagnostic immunoFlow FISH imaging flow cytometry (CLL)

Clinical Tutorial – Canary Room
Chair: Vivek Tanavde

  • Teri Oldaker: Validation and Quality Control in Clinical Flow Cytometry

SRL Tutorial – Oriole Room
Chair: Joanne Lannigan

  • Anna Brooks and Simon Monard: Optimising Flow Cytometer Gain Settings: Hitting the sweet spot
 Various Rooms
1500 Afternoon Tea Grand Ballroom Foyer
1530 Panel Discussion
Chair: Andrea Cossarizza
Future of Cytometry in Asia
Paul Hutchinson, Paul Wallace, Qianjun Zhang, Sandy Smith, Vivek Tanavde
Grand Ballroom 2
1630 Closing Ceremony Grand Ballroom 2
1645 End of Day 3

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